Dear Reader:

My name is Michelle Carion. I have a Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum from Michigan State University, and recently obtained my Professional Teaching Certificate from the State of Michigan.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences from MSU.  My major was Interdisciplinary Studies, with an emphasis on Human Resources and Society, Social Studies, Business, Industry, and Government.  I have a minor in History with a Cognate in Geography, and have earned a highly-qualified status in both the RX (Social Studies) and CC (History) teaching certifications.

Currently I am teaching World History and Economics at Romeo High School.  I also have four years of experience teaching middle school social studies to grades 6, 7, and 8 at Michigan Math and Science Academy, a charter school in Center Line, Michigan.  I was first hired as a PR person for the building, when I assisted administration in increasing student enrollment numbers. One of my responsibilities was organizing and operating the school library. Later that same year, I was appointed to the middle school social studies teaching position when it became available.  During this time I also served as grade chair for grades 6, 7, and 8.

Romeo Community School District serves a socioeconomically and culturally diverse student population in northern Macomb County, with over 1700 students currently enrolled.  Many of my students have special needs that I routinely make accommodations for.  I also serve the unique needs of gifted students with differentiated activities and enrichment.

Upon viewing this portfolio, it is my hope that you will find evidence of my commitment to engage students, maximize achievement in a student-centered classroom, embrace change, and cultivate diversity in both myself and my students.






Table of Contents

Social Studies

Synthesis Paper

In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum and Teaching, Department of Education, Michigan State University


Evidence that goals and standards of the MATC program were reached


Additional evidence for fulfilling the goals and standards of the MATC program

Collaboration and Professional Development

Evidence of extra-curricular activities, community involvement, and ongoing research, study, and inquiry

Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum Program Plan

A listing of my graduate classes, credits, and grades for the MSU Master of Arts in Curriculum and Teaching

MATC Goals and Standards

A listing of the goals and standards of the MATC Program I completed at Michigan State University