Artifact 4:  TE 843 and TE 846 Case Studies

Standards:  1, 3, 4, 6
Goals: 1, 2, 3

TE 843 Brittany and Jeremy

TE 846 Antonett

     This is the second artifact I included to show my professional growth.  The purpose of these case studies was, while continuing to teach my classes as a whole, to deliberately build habits that will help me teach at-risk students better than I had in previous months. I decided to conduct these studies because, as an educator, I intend to make knowledge accessible to ALL of my students and to continue working towards that goal—however, this has been easier to do for some students than for others. This project was intended to support me in that effort and to maximize my learning from it. The end product that I have posted are cases that I constructed in stages—as part of planning, teaching, and assessing a unit I taught during my lead-teaching period of my internship year.

     One might wonder how this could help me as a teacher, and I would answer that, as teachers, we often wonder or worry about individual students who are not doing as well as others. This project helped me wonder/worry quite productively! To assist me in this endeavor, I included thoughts and advice from my mentor teacher, field instructor, and a veteran teacher. I also used other professional resources, such as Love & Logic by Jim Fay and David Funk, and Middle and Secondary Classroom Management by Carol Weinstein and Ingrid Novodvorsky.  

     I have learned to look at students with handicaps or impairments differently.  It is truly a challenge to come up with differentiated lesson activities that meet state objectives. and yet reach those who struggle to achieve.  My struggle, after all, should be no less than theirs!  In this paper, I made an effort to research methods of accomodation and differentiation, using my students' needs as a basis for my inquiry.  I also relied on collaboration with other teachers and individuals who knew them in order to make an informed choice on steps to take for remediation and support.