CEP 820 Teaching Students Online

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Link to Mrs. Carion's 8th Grade American History Online Course

Under "My Courses," click on "U.S. History" and "Login as an enrolled student."
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Link to Developer Notebook

This is the rationale, thought, and professional growth process involved in my creation of this course.


           Teaching Students Online has been a useful, comprehensive class with real and practical application to student learning.  Although it seemed overwhelming at first, the instructors broke it down into manageable, logically-sequenced modules that built on a solid theoretical base.  This gave me the proficiency to create, little by little, an online class from scratch that met the needs of my students and adhered to the current best practices in online teaching.
           Because so many of my students are at-risk, and exhibit a huge range of learning difficulties, I needed to make this a hybrid online class in order to provide the face-to-face support and rapport that they needed.  Much of the content of the course (readings, short lectures, etc.) was presented in class, while the activities, assignments, discussions, and evaluations were done online. A portion of each class meeting was dedicated to explaining and answering questions about the upcoming online activities, checking for understanding, and conferencing about students’ self-assessments.
           The course structure closely follows my teaching methodology, and has consistent elements in each lesson so that students know what to expect and become more confident as they progress.  The objectives are made clear, both online and in class, and students are expected to monitor and prove their mastery of each one with successfully completed activities.  I made every attempt to create activities and evaluations that would measure the benchmarks, build on previous knowledge, and engage the students in a variety of modalities.

           Although I still do not consider myself an expert, I am now confident enough in what I envision to complete this course for all twelve chapters of my 8th grade American History curriculum.  I look forward to using it all year for my 8th graders, refining/improving/ updating it, providing a course that is rigorous, relevant, and engaging, and keeping up with new technologies and ways to accommodate for learning differences.